The Vinny

Grilled eggplant, Roma tomatoes, Kalamata olives, fresh mozzarella, sundried tomato dressing and fresh basil

Due to COVID-19 we currently feature a limited menu. Please call or visit our website to find out about our weekly offerings.

Calamari Fradiavalo

Tender calamari, in a fiery hot marinara sauce with a touch of Romano and mozzarella cheese.

The Luca

Mixed mushrooms with shallots, sage, and a sprinkle of Asiago cheese.

The Enzo

Grilled asparagus, goat cheese, onions, capers, garlic, and fresh tomatoes.

The Demus

Spinach, kalamata olives, fresh tomato, artichoke hearts and feta, drizzled with a lemon garlic dressing. Add chicken for 2.00.


Ricotta, mozzarella, Romano, with ham, salami, sausage and pepperoni. Topped with sesame & poppy seeds.